Give Peace a Chance


Today is the International Day of Peace. I cannot think of anything more appropriate or more necessary today than a reminder that we must all work together to achieve peace.

“It isn’t enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

It is not just about peace overseas where there is unrest, it is not just about peace between police and those in the community, it also is about peace in our homes and our daily lives because that is where we learn the concept of peace.

I’m not sure how our society has gotten so far away from peace and civility toward one another. It took so many years and so many people who stood up for rights and for peace and we came close. We came close. Then something happened and our society has started to regress again. Black Americans should not ever be afraid to drive in their cars or walk through their neighborhoods with the fear of being shot for nothing. No American should ever live in that kind of fear!

Children in Aleppo should not have to worry about their home being blown up in the middle of the night or fear that they may wake to their parents being dead. No child should ever live in that kind of fear!

Women and children should not have to worry about being beaten by their husband/father because becomes he comes home and is angry about something. No human should ever live in that kind of fear!

“It isn’t enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt’s words are so true. We ALL must believe in peace. We ALL must talk about peace. We ALL must work at finding peace. On this International Day of Peace, let’s practice, at least for one day, sharing peace with all of those we come in contact with today and spread the word of peace around the world.

Sleep Training Update


Hello, everyone!

Welcome back from the long Labor Day weekend! I hope you had a great holiday and enjoyed some fun and relaxation with friends and family.

So, I have completed ninsomnia sleep training coach helpow two weeks of the sleep program. This last week was the week I was required to manage sleep restriction and my sleep window was set from 12:10am until 5:30am. I never imagined just how hard it would be to stay up until after midnight every single night. It was particularly challenging because my husband goes to bed around 10pm and so I had to find things to do on my own every night and keep occupied until it was time to go to bed.

The program also emphasizes that the time you MAY go to bed is not necessarily the time you MUST go to sleep. They say that if you do not feel sleepy, do not go to bed until you do. It has been great as I have gotten some projects done for the holiday and am now working on a new crafting project and some new recipes for the blog. It’s a great time to dust the house and do some household chores that don’t make too much noise so my productivity level has increased during this past week because of my sleep restriction! Always looking for that silver lining.

Today began the next core of the program is called the Behaviors Core. This core talks about what kinds of behaviors your should be doing prior to your scheduled bed time. It includes things like no activity in the bedroom except for sleep and sex (no television, electronics or even reading); creating a bed time routine (taking the dogs out, turning off lights and on the alarm, brushing your teeth and taking a hot bath, etc. The program wants you to get into the habit of basically the same routine every night before bed to get your brain into the “sleep is coming” mode.

The interesting development is that, since my last post, I remembered that when we moved to Houston, my husband and I switched the side of the bed we had been sleeping on. Prior to moving, I slept on the left and after we moved to Texas, I slept on the right side to be closer to where our blind dog would need to go during the night to find water and potty pads. Since I am a light sleeper, I would hear him get up and would know if he needed help finding his way around the new house. A year later, I had still been sleeping on the right side of the bed. I thought it may be good to try going back to the left side of the bed to sleep again and, guess what, it has made a difference. I have been falling asleep faster and sleeping more soundly (in the time I do sleep) on my old side of the bed. This may be one of the culprits of my insomnia as well. That we will follow up on again later.

Also interesting is that we went out of town for the Labor Day weekend. We stayed in a darling B&B called the Fredericksburg Herb Farm in Texas Hill Country. It was a small, private cottage in an herb farm setting. Nice and dark at night and very quiet. The cottage and the most amazing bedding package and pillows that were to die for! I actually slept both nights we were there for at least 6 hours a night! That is the most I have slept in more than 6 months! I’m starting to see some patterns here that are helping me get a handle on the sleep issues.

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So, that is the update for this week. I am interested to start this new Behavior Core and will stick to my sleep restriction and a pre-sleep routine every day for the next week. We shall see what comes of it. In the meantime, if you are searching for some amazing bed pillow, check out Pacific Coast Pillows. Sleep well!